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Drink stock takes from £165 (ex VAT)
Food and Drink stock takes from £220 (ex VAT)

Why Is Stocktaking Important?

Stocktaking is an additional tool essential to maximise your stock yield, cash & gross margin performances. Regular stocktaking is an investment that supports you in making commercial decisions to maximise profitability, influence positive team behaviours & reduce risk.

Today’s economic climate re enforces the need to invest in stocktaking. InnProfit work with industry leading specialists throughout the UK to add further value & opportunity for you to realise the sales & profit potential of your business.

Producing your result is just one small part of the exercise – what you do with this information is crucial. Our stocktaking partners will:

Positive results

We deliver liquor stock seminars to major pub groups & individual business owners. The aim is to clearly demonstrate that by investing in good accountancy, stocktaking & business consultancy; you will in most cases more than recover the cost of investment and impact cash profitability significantly.

An average profit increase scenario compiled with the delegates in each of the last 6 seminars conducted ranged from +£14,000 to +£31,000 per business. More incredible is that this is established through influencing the leadership and team behaviours, & without increasing footfall. Imagine the impact of increasing footfall as well!!

It’s clear and obvious, that those businesses having quality information, understanding the detail & positively motivating & engaging their teams, are not only winning loyalty & business from their competitors, but have a stable foundation to year on year profitability.

The benefit of getting into the detail therefore is obvious – and if you don’t have enough detail, or understand how to influence it, then it’s time to contact us and invest!!