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There are many challenges faced in this difficult trading climate, however those demonstrating success are those making clear and timely actions based on the statistics their accounts & stocktakes present.

Increased profitability comes from dissecting your results, understanding both how they were concluded, but more importantly what can be done to positively influence them on-going. In most cases, the answer lies with physical actions, conducted firstly by you as the business leadership, but as importantly by engaging & developing the skills & knowledge of your team.

By understanding your performance numbers, we can coach you to positively influence them making us a very powerful tool to you. The advice & coaching support we give you, more often than not recovers the costs invested & improves your year on year profitability.

On production of your monthly / quarterly management accounts, we visit you in your pub to discuss performances & produce a snapshot of your typical week. This will open up discussion, confirm what your break-even point is, but more importantly forms a documented plan that identifies your opportunities to grow sales, reduce costs & maximise profitability.

We support you in making the right commercial choices to deliver sustained sales & profitability.


Fees start from £300 (Ex VAT) per month providing you with:


We provide you will a simple tool to record your weekly team hours. Once completed, forward to our payroll department & we deliver the following service:

Charges are £2.50 (ex VAT) per employee payslip & we charge no extra charges for newcomers or leavers. There is a Minimum £30 per month process charge. Including Auto Enrolment Pension correspondence with your supplier.

Annual and one off fees

One off charges as appropriate when required for:

*Fees rise as deadline approaches.

Payments are payable in advance of service monthly. These prices are clear with no additional fees & are reviewed annually.

As a rule, we beat our competition on price, however where not, we more than make up for in the additional profit our expert advice & coaching creates. As market leading specialists in this industry, the relative advice & coaching support assists in maximising your sales & profit performances.

It’s clear and obvious, that those businesses having quality information, understanding the detail & positively motivating & engaging their teams, are not only winning loyalty & business from their competitors, but have a stable foundation to year on year profitability.

The benefit of getting into the detail therefore is obvious – and if you don’t have enough detail, or understand how to influence it, then it’s time to contact us and invest!!